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Attention: Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Child Care Resources

If you are an essential worker according to the state order and are looking for child care, visit Child Care for Essential Workers.

Other COVID-19 Resources:

Child Care Assistance

CalWORKs Child Care Assistance Program provides access to child care for current and former CalWORKs recipients. This program provides subsidies for child care assistance and is managed by contracted service providers in Alameda County. Effective October 1, 2019, CalWORKs recipients will have access to 12-month immediate and continuous child care.


Once you are eligible for CalWORKs, you are qualified to receive a 12-month Stage One Child Care authorization.

You are not eligible for child care if you fall under one of the following exception categories:

  • Families where only the child is receiving CalWORKs cash aid:
    • Adult(s) receiving SSI benefits
    • Ineligible non-citizen adults
    • Non-needy caretaker relatives
    • Ineligible non-citizen adults
    • Timed out adult(s) (Note: timed out adults who have received cash aid within the past 24 months are to be referred to Stage Two Child Care).
  • At application, newly approved CalWORKs recipients who are determined to have a Welfare-to-Work (WTW) exemption and who do not indicate a desire to volunteer for any WTW program activity; or
  • Two-parent families in which one parent is available and able to provide care for the child(ren).

Note: Child care is available to children 12 years of age or younger. For children with exceptional needs who have an Individual Education Plan (IEP), they may receive CalWORKs child care beyond the age of 12.

How to Apply

To learn more about child care assistance and find out if you qualify, please contact your Employment Counselor (EC). If you do not know who your EC is, dial one of the following numbers:

  • North Oakland (510) 891-0700
  • Eastmont (510) 577-7067
  • South County (510) 670-6225

If you are currently receiving or have received CalWORKs cash assistance, you may contact the CalWORKs Stage One Child Care Contractors.

  • North County - Hively at (510) 568-0306 (Servicing: Oakland, Alameda, Albany, Berkeley, and Emeryville).
  • East County - Hively (925) 417-8733 (Servicing: Pleasanton, Dublin, Livermore, and Sunol).
  • South County - 4c's of Alameda County (510) 584-3101 (Servicing: Fremont, Newark, Union City, Hayward, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, and Castro Valley).


  • Child Care reimbursements are made directly to the child care provider.
  • If you choose a child care provider who is not licensed, the provider must apply for the TrustLine registration process (criminal history and child abuse registry background check). A provider who is the child's aunt, uncle, or grandparent does not have to apply for TrustLine registration.


  • Reimbursements cannot be made for child care services when care is provided by a parent, legal guardians, or members of the CalWORKs assistance unit.
  • Child care providers cannot be under 18 years old.
  • Child care reimbursements can be issued only after the license-exempt provider has become a registered TrustLine child care provider.

Choosing a Provider

If you need information about how to choose a child care provider or other child care information you may call the Resource and Referral Agencies in Alameda County:

  • North County Bananas at (510) 658-0381
  • East County Child Care Links (925) 417-8733
  • South County 4c's of Alameda County (510) 584-3101

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long can I receive child care?
    Once you are eligible for CalWORKs and not one of the Exception Categories listed above, you are qualified to receive a 12-month Stage One Child Care authorization. Child care continues for twenty-four (24) months after cash assistance has been discontinued, or until your income reaches 85% of the State Median Income (SMI).

  2. Can my mother who has her own CalWORKs cash assistance case provide child care for me?
    Yes, but she must report the income on her Semi-Annual Reporting (SAR 7). The SAR 7 is a report that CalWORKs recipients must submit for ongoing eligibility for CalWORKs cash assistance.

  3. Can I receive CalWORKs Stage One child care assistance if my child receives CalWORKs cash assistance, but I do not receive CalWORKs cash assistance for myself?
    No, in order to receive CalWORKs Stage One child care assistance, the parent(s) or the adult caretaker must be a current CalWORKs cash recipient or have received cash assistance within the last twenty-four (24) months.

For more information, please review the CalWORKs Child Care Information Notice.

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