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  • Adult Protective Services
    24 Hour Elder Abuse Hotline
  • Ombudsman—Advocates for residents in long-term care facilities:
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Contact Information
  • Adult and Aging Contact Page
  • IHSS Payroll Information: 577-1877
  • To apply for IHSS: 577-1800
  • AAA Information & Assistance
  • Public Administrator
    (510) 577-1972
  • Public Guardian-Conservator (Probate)
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  • Public Guardian- Conservator (LPS)
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  • Area Agency on Aging (AAA)


Adult & Aging Services
6955 Foothill Boulevard Suite 143
Oakland CA 94605

Public Authority for IHSS

The Public Authority for In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) in Alameda County is a public agency whose mission is to improve the planning and delivery of IHSS in Alameda County. IHSS is a publicly-funded program which helps low-income people with disabilities, including the elderly, to remain in their own homes by paying for domestic and personal services.

The Public Authority for IHSS provides the following services in Alameda County:

  • A registry that provides lists of screened workers to IHSS recipients/consumers and seniors seeking to hire home care workers/personal assistants;
  • Enrollment of eligible IHSS homecare workers in medical, dental and vision plans
  • Training for providers and consumers
  • Consumer advocacy opportunities through our Advisory Board

IHSS Registry

Find a Homecare Worker

Contact the Registry for assistance in finding and hiring IHSS homecare workers. All Registry homecare workers are pre-screened and will be required to pass a criminal background check. Call the consumer Registry assistance line at 510-577-1980.

Apply to Find Work as a Homecare Worker

Attend Registry Essentials class and apply to be listed on the Registry. Once on the Registry, workers can be referred to consumers whose needs and preferences match your skills and availability. Call the Registry worker information line at 510-577-5694.

Homecare Worker Health Insurance

The Public Authority enrolls eligible homecare workers in a low-cost plan that includes medical, dental and vision coverage – all for one price. Call our Health Benefits Hotline anytime at 510-577-3551 for information and to request an application.

Training and Education

The Public Authority offers workshops and factsheets free to IHSS consumers and homecare workers. For information call 510-577-3554 or check out our website at

The Public Authority
6955 Foothill Blvd., 3rd Floor
Oakland, CA 94605<
Phone: 510-577-3552
Fax: 510-577-3579

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