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Elder Financial Abuse

Sometimes it's the people we love and trust the most that help themselves to our money.

Elder financial abuse is a common problem.

In an effort to motivate the community to report all suspected instances of elder financial abuse, the Alameda County Social Services Agency has launched a media campaign to raise awareness this issue. You can see the commercial here:

Reporting Abuse

Persons interested in obtaining more information or who wish to report adult or elder financial abuse should call 24 hours a day: 510-577-3500 or toll free at 866-225-5277 (866-CALL-APS). ALL REFERRALS ARE CONFIDENTIAL.

About Elder Financial Abuse

Elder financial abuse is one of the most under-reported crimes in America and has been called the fastest growing crime of the 21st century. It does not discriminate and touches all communities. Your grandparent, parent, neighbor, friend, or even you could be victimized by this silent epidemic. The National Council on Aging reports that as high as 5 million elders are abused each year, yet it is estimated that only 1 in 14 cases of abuse ever come to the attention of officials.

Elder abuse can take several forms: physical, psychological/emotional, neglect and financial. In Alameda County, more than 70% of reports of abuse are for alleged financial abuse. A senior may have been tricked into paying cash for unnecessary work on their home or encouraged to donate to a fictitious charity. A senior may be a victim of identity theft when a trusted family member gains access to the senior's social security number.

There are red flags that you can look out for that may be signs that a senior is a victim of elder financial abuse:

  • Lack of amenities that seniors should be able to afford.
  • Senior "voluntarily" gives inappropriate financial reimbursement for needed care and companionship.
  • Senior's caretaker has control of his/her finances but is failing to provide for the senior's needs.
  • Caretaker is "living off" senior.
  • Senior has signed property transfer, Power of Attorney, new will, etc. but is unable to comprehend the transaction.

If you are ever in doubt, call Alameda County Adult Protective Services toll free at 866-225-5277 (866-CALL-APS).

How Seniors Can Protect Themselves

  • Plan ahead to protect your assets and to ensure your wishes are followed. Talk to someone at your financial institution, an attorney, or a financial advisor about the best options for you.
  • Never give personal information to anyone who phones you.
  • Never pay a fee or taxes to collect sweepstakes or lottery "winnings."
  • Never rush into a financial decision. Ask for details in writing and get a second opinion.
  • Consult with a financial advisor or attorney before signing any documents you don't understand.
  • Get to know your banker and build a relationship with the people who handle your finances. They can look out for any suspicious activity related to your account.
  • Check references and credentials before hiring anyone. Don't allow workers to have access to information about your finances.
  • Pay with checks and credit cards instead of cash to establish a paper trail.
  • Feel free to say "no". After all, it's your money.
  • You have the right not to be threatened or intimidated. If you think someone close to you is trying to take control of your finances, call 1-866-CALL-APS.
  • Trust your instincts. Exploiters and abusers often are very skilled. They can be charming and forceful in their efforts to convince you to give up control of your finances. If something doesn't feel right, it may not be right, and if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

If you are ever in doubt, call Alameda County Adult Protective Services toll free at 866-225-5277 (866-CALL-APS).

10 Rules to Protect You and Your Money

  1. Never give any personal information, bank account or social security numbers to strangers over the telephone – or on the Internet unless you are sure the website is a secure site.
  2. Do not use Internet websites that do not have a clearly posted privacy policy.
  3. Throw out all sweepstakes offers.
  4. Don't buy anything over the telephone unless you make the call.
  5. Don't make any purchase over $100 without discussing it first with a trusted friend or family member.
  6. Don't make charitable contributions to strangers going door-to-door or over the phone. If you have questions, call the charity before you give.
  7. Check with the Better Business Bureau, 866-411-2221 before hiring a home repair or home improvement contractor. Get a written contract.
  8. Be sure your deposit is put in an escrow account. Never pay for the whole job before the work is started or completed.
  9. Avoid making emotional buying or investment decisions. Don't let a salesperson convince you to "do it for your kids."
  10. Speak with your doctor before buying a hearing aid or ordering remedies by mail or over the Internet.
  11. Check on a store's refund or exchange policy before buying an item. Beware of "Restocking Fees."

If you are ever in doubt, call Alameda County Adult Protective Services toll free at 866-225-5277 (866-CALL-APS).

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