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GA CalFresh E&T Handbook 90-02.40: CalFresh Employment and Training Program

Effective Date:   07/01/2014

Published Date: 8/15/14

Published By:     E118


This Handbook has been revised to reflect changes to the Housing Assistance Vendor Program.


All applicants for General Assistance (GA) are seen by a Social Worker (SW) and are given a mental health screening. The SW uses form 50-162 to complete the screening. Those applicants that receive a score of 6 on the screening are referred to a mental health provider for further evaluation. In addition, some applicants indicate on their GA application or verbally to a SW that they have a medical condition and they are referred to a medical provider. Applicants who do not have a physical/mental health condition(s) that prevents them from working are given the option to participate in the CalFresh E&T Program.

Once a GA applicant or recipient is determined to be employable by a SW they will be informed that they are not required to participate in the CalFresh E&T Program, but may participate if they choose to do so. They will be given form #90-251 Option to Participate in the CalFresh E&T Program in order to make their choice. They will make their selection on the form, sign and date, and then give back to SW.

Effective July 1, 2014 all CalFresh E&T activities will be provided by local service providers. GA applicants and recipients that choose not to participate in the program will have nothing further required of them.

Note: Since GA clients are not required to participate in the CalFresh E&T Program those that choose to particpate may end their participation at any time. If a client decides to stop participating, staff should close the CalFresh E&T case (Refer to CalWIN How To 215), and send the 90-257 CalFresh E&T Informing Notice (Refer to CalWIN How To 235 to generate letter).

II. Procedure

Social Worker Screenings:

As part of the application process all GA applicants must meet with, and be screened by a SW (Refer to procedure 90-01.42 for further information). If no physical or mental health condition(s) that prevents the applicant from working exist, the applicant will be made an offer to participate in the CalFresh E&T Program.

When a GA applicant or recipient is determined to be employable the SW will:

  1. Offer the GA applicant/recipient the option of participating in the CalFresh E&T Program.
  2. Give applicant/recipient form 90-251 to sign and to indicate whether or not they choose to participate.
  3. Complete CalWIN case comments.
  4. Forward form 90-251 to the designated Eligibility Support Clerk (ESC).

The ESC will:

  1. Receive form 90-251 from SW.
  2. Run ES exemptions in CalWIN to register the applicant/recipient to Employment Services.
  3. Review if participants need to be assigned to an upfront activity:
    • Orientation
    • Assessment
    • Job Club/Job Search
  4. Review schedule of CalFresh E&T upfront activities with the Service Provider.
  5. Schedule participant to CalFresh E&T upfront activity.
  6. Send appointment letter to participant.
  7. Route the case to an Employment Counselor (EC).
  8. Forward the assessment packet to the assigned EC.
  9. Complete CalWIN case comments.
  10. Forward form 90-251 to imaging.

The EC will:

  1. Receive an assessment packet from the ESC.
  2. Be responsible for maintaining the case. Work with the Service Provider and Career Development Specialist (CDS) as needed.
  3. Issue support services as appropriate.
  4. Review CalWIN to check progress of client in assigned upfront activity.
  5. Attempt to contact those clients who "No Show" to an activity to ask why they missed the activity, and if they still wish to participate. Allow one re-schedule if client wishes to continue participating.
  6. Close out CalFresh E&T case if client decides to stop participating in program.
  7. Update CalWIN; and
  8. Enter CalWIN case comments.
Note: If EC finds it necessary to refer a client to an upfront activity she/he will refer the client to the Service Provider by completing the Display Referrals Screen in CalWIN.

The Career Development Specialist (CDS) will:

  1. Conduct a robust appraisal of each CalFresh E&T participant.
  2. Refer participants to appropriate activities and services.
  3. Continue to work with Service Provider to complete Job Club/Job Search activity.
  4. Enter CalWIN case comments; and
  5. Act as a liason between the EC and Service Provider(s).
Note: Collaboration among EC's, the CDS, and local Service Provider is critical to participants to engage in a preferred career path that leads to self-sufficiency.

The Service Providers for each Region will:

  1. Schedule client to appropriate activity.
  2. Notify the EC of appointment within 2 business days via email.
  3. Complete CalFresh E&T Plan.
  4. Update CalWIN to reflect activity status; and
  5. Enter CalWIN case comments.

III. CalFresh E&T Upfront Activities:

CalFresh E&T upfront activities are now provided by local Service Providers.

Rubicon Programs Inc. provides the services for participants in the northern and southern regions of the county and Lao Family and Community Development Inc. provides services for participants in the central region of the county.

Northern Region Service Provider

Rubicon Programs Inc.
2100 San Pablo Avenue
Oakland, Ca. 94612

Central Region Service Provider

Lao Family Community Development Inc.
6955 Foothill Blvd.
Oakland, Ca. 94605

Southern Region Service Provider

Rubicon Programs Inc.
24100 Amador St. 3rd Floor
Hayward, Ca. 94544

IV. CalFresh E&T Informational Meeting (Orientation)

All CalFresh E&T particpants (applicants or recipients) must complete the CalFresh E&T Informational Meeting as their first activity.

Information covered at the orientation meeting will include:

  • An overview of the CalFresh E&T Program
  • Review of the clients rights and responsibilities
  • Explanation of the participation requirements of a maximum of 30 hours per week
  • Reporting/monitoring requirements

V. CalFresh E&T Program Employable Job Services

All CalFresh E&T particpants will be assigned to participate for a maximum of 30 hours per week in one or more of the following job services.

  1. Job Club: Generally, all participants, applicants or recipients, attend Job Club as their first activity after the CalFresh E&T Informational Meeting.

    The Job Club activity will last for six (6) weeks. This activity will include classroom instruction as well as job search during the entire six 6) week period. Participants in this activity will receive up to 30 hours of instruction per week for the duration of the activity. The training sessions cover one or more of the following areas: Life Skills, Identifying Personal Strengths, Creating a Career Goal, Retaining Employment, Employer Expectations, Completing Applications, and Writing Resumes.

  2. Recipient Job Search: Those who complete the Job Club activity may be assigned to continue doing job search concurrently with their other activity. Hours of participation for the Recipient Job Search are limited to no more than 49% of the time partcipatiing in Education or Training.

    All participants assigned to job search must be monitored for compliance. The participant will return a completed job search form on a weekly basis. Participants are rquired to make 12 contacts with employers per month.

  3. Education: Applicants/recipients may be referred and approved to attend short term education programs. English as a Second Language (ESL), high school or GED preparation classes. If approved or assigned, this activity is a CalFresh E&T Job Services component and participants have their attendance monitored. Generally, participation is limited to three (3) months.

    Participants must be given an attendance report to be completed and returned monthly so their particpation can be monitored.

  4. Vocational Training: Applicants and recipients may self-enroll and be approved to attend, or be referred to short-term vocational training. If approved or assigned, this activity is a CalFresh E&T component and attendance is monitored by the provider. Generally, participation is limited to three (3) months.

    Participants must be given an attendance report to be completed and returned monthly.

VI. Other Services:

In addition to job services, CalFresh E&T clients with barriers can be referred to supportive services for assistance, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Health Clinics: The County contracts with medical providers for the physical or mental health evaluations/verifications. Staff should refer CalFresh E&T participants who claim to have a physical or mental health condition(s) that prevents them from working or restricts the type of work they can do, and need verification.

    The Health clinics will return a completed 90-2 or 90-2MH to the appropriate worker.

  2. Social Work SSI Advocacy Unit: The Social Workers provide assessment and referral for physical/mental health conditions and assistance in applying for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), or Supplemental Disability Income (SDI).

    CalFresh E&T participants who have verified physical/mental health conditions that are persistent and chronic, prevent them from working, and appear to be eligible for SSI. (Refer to Generic Process Newsletter 10-02 for more information).

  3. Community Housing and Shelter Services (CHASS): The County contracts with providers for beds for the homeless. All clients who do not have physical/mental health conditions that prevent them from working but have a major functional barrier due to homelessness, are referred to the CHASS Program for housing referrals. (Refer to GA Handbook 90-02.00 for more information).

  4. Drug and Alcohol Programs: All Employable clients with barriers to employment from drug and/or alcohol issues are referred to East Oakland Recovery Center (EOCP).

    Staff at EOCP interviews and refers GA applicants/recipients with barriers to employment due to drugs & alcohol to existing Drug & Alcohol Programs that are available in the community. (Refer to GA Newsletter 04-04 Drug & Alcohol Participants).


GA Regulations 9-2-3; 9-2-2

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