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General Assistance Handbook 90-01.61: Presumptive Eligibility for General Assistance Applicants

Effective Date:  December 1, 2008

Revised Date:   January 5, 2010

Published By:    E111


When an application can’t be processed and aid authorized by the 30th day after the application date, the case must be evaluated for Presumptive Eligibility status. If the case meets the Presumptive Eligibility factors, aid must be authorized.


Presumptive Eligibility status occurs when the factors causing the eligibility determination delay were within the County’s control, and the applicant has complied with all program requirements.

Per regulation 9-1-6.2 c, the application must be approved on a “Presumptive Eligibility” basis. However, the case will still remain as pending an eligibility determination. If a determination of ineligibility is made after the Presumptive Eligibility authorization, the case is to be discontinued.


A. All applications approaching the 30th day after the application date:

  • The case must be reviewed for all available evidence, as well as the applicant and county actions.
  • An applicant does not have Presumptive Eligibility status when he or she:
    • Did not initially disclose all information;
    • Had a change in circumstance during the application period but is complying;
    • Has difficulty, or needs assistance, obtaining documentation.
  • An applicant who has complied with all requests and requirements will be considered potentially eligible for Presumptive Eligibility if the Eligibility Technician (ET) determines that there is apparent eligibility for assistance.
  • When the applicant is potentially eligible for assistance, but the application can’t be processed due to circumstances beyond the County’s control, no eligibility exists for Presumptive Eligibility. The applicant may be processed normally within 45 days.
  • If the applicant is potentially eligible for assistance, and the delay was due to the County’s error or within the County’s control, Presumptive Eligibility status exists. Aid should be authorized at that point, pending a final determination of eligibility.

B. Authorizing Presumptive Eligibility

  • Approve the application and suppress the automatic approval notice. Request the Approval - Presumptive Eligibility 105 4 (9-03) Notice.
    The notice text reads:

“The County has temporarily approved your application for General Assistance.
The first day of cash aid is _____________.
In order for us to determine your continuing eligibility, the following items must be returned to your worker within fifteen (15) days from the date of this notice:
You must return the required verifications by the time stated above to continue receiving General Assistance benefits. Failure to provide these verifications will result in discontinuance of your case.”

If the applicant is in a CHASS facility, use Approval - Presumptive Eligibility - CHASS 107 2 (09-3) Notice.

  • Enter Case Comments in CalWIN that aid was authorized under Presumptive Eligibility status giving the effective date of approval. Also include what verifications are still outstanding and the due date for submission of the final verifications. 
  • The case will remain with the Intake worker until the application processing is completed.
  • When all information is submitted, the final eligibility determination must be completed.
    • If the applicant is determined to be eligible, verbally inform the applicant and enter Case Comments regarding the final determination. The case may be then be transferred to District.
    • If the applicant is determined to be ineligible, discontinue the case for the appropriate reason and enter Case Comments on the ineligible determination. Close the case as appropriate.


    • Mr. Jones made his application on September 21, 2008. As of October 16, 2008, only five days remain within the thirty-day processing period. On review, it appears that Mr. Jones is probably ineligible. The worker was going to deny the case. However, Mr. Jones states that his out-of-state property is only valued at $250 and requested that the worker wait for the documentation on the property. The documentation was requested, but will not be available until after the 30th day. Mr. Jones does not have Presumptive Eligibility status because he requested the delay. He can be allowed to waive the 30-day time frame and the worker will continue processing. A determination should be made within 45 days.
    • Ms. Smith made an application on September 18, 2008. As of October 17, 2008, the application has been pending 30 days. Ms. Smith indicated that she moved on October 1, 2008; the new Landlord Statement was received on October 15, 2008. The rent Ms. Smith is paying was not indicated and needs verifying. Ms. Smith does not have Presumptive Eligibility status because the pending information needed to complete the eligibility determination was not within the County’s control. She can be allowed to waive the 30-day time frame and the worker will continue processing. A determination should be made within 45 days.
    • Mr. Williams made an application on September 20, 2008. He did not complete fingerprinting within 10 days. He contacted his worker and requested additional time to complete this process. He stated that due to a court order, he was required to remain home until October 17, 2008. Documentation was faxed to the worker. Mr. Williams does not have Presumptive Eligibility status because while he has complied to the best of his ability, SSA did not cause the delay. The application should be processed once he completes fingerprinting.
    • Ms. Davis applied on September 19, 2008. Her application was not assigned to a worker until September 29, 2008. The worker provided a needs letter with a due date of October 10, 2008. Ms. Davis provided all information requested on October 8. However, Ms. Davis’s car has an excess value of $80, based on the prior year registration; she also has $960 in the bank. The new value for the current year may bring Ms. Davis’s countable property under the property limit. The worker and supervisor determined that a request for the current year registration is needed but will cause the processing to exceed the 3o days. As the case assignment was due to County delay, Ms. Davis’s status is Presumptive Eligibility. Her application will be approved for Presumptive Eligibility. If the current year registration indicates that her property still exceeds the property limit, she will be discontinued for excess property.




    Yolanda Baldovinos, Interim Director
    Social Services Agency

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