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Handbook 90-01.42: Processing Applications at Intake and Redetermination

Effective Date:   December 1, 2008

Revision Date:   April 1, 2014

2nd Revision Date:   August 21, 2014

Revised By:   E118

Published By:     E111/ E200


This Handbook has been revised to reflect current CHASS grant amounts and to update face to face requirements.


Intake applications - General Assistance (GA) regulations require that applications must be processed within 30 days from the date of application (unless allowed an extension).

Intake application allowed an extension and redetermination applications - must be processed within 45 days of the date received.
In both instances:

  • Applicant households must verify their identity, assets, income, and need for benefits.
  • Applicant households must provide a Housing Assistance Vendor Agreement form (90-9) with a verified housing cost to receive the housing allowance.
  • Recipient households are required by regulation to verify their eligibility on an annual basis.
    Regulations also allow for circumstances when the Agency determines that a new Statement of Facts is required earlier than at the annual redetermination. In such situations, the recipient is required to provide a redetermination when requested.
  • Recipient households must verify their current assets, income, and need at redetermination.
  • Recipient households must also provide a new Housing Assistance Vendor Agreement form (90-9), if the prior statement is over 11 months old.
  • Applicant and recipient households may need to verify additional information, based on the applicant/recipient's reported information on the Application for General Assistance, or other information known to the Agency.
  • Applicant or recipient households will not be authorized initial or continuing aid, until all points of eligibility are established, with the following exception:
    Intake applicants may be temporarily authorized aid under Presumptive Eligibility, pending a complete determination of eligibility. Refer to Presumptive Eligibility, 90-01.61.

II. Specifics:

A. Intake

Note: Refer to Procedure 90-01.70 for required documentation.

  1. All applicant households must attend a Social Worker assessment; this includes all Add-A-Program applications.
    • The Social Worker (SW) will complete an evaluation of applicant employability, CHASS needs, a Mental Health Screening, and referral for SSI advocacy as applicable.
  2. A face-to-face interview is required for all Intake applications. For Add-A-Program applications the worker has the option of doing a face-to-face interview or conducting the interview by telephone.
    • The Eligibility Technician (ET) will review Form 90-16, Application for General Assistance, with the applicant(s), and will provide one of the Rights and Responsibilities pages to the applicant(s).
    • The ET should have the applicant(s) complete and sign the SSP 14, Authorization for Reimbursement of Interim Assistance. Both individuals in a couple case must complete an individual copy.
    • The ET will provide a needs letter for all necessary documentation required to complete the application process. The due date for this documentation is to be within 10 calendar days of the date of the needs letter.
  3. When all documentation is received and other eligibility requirements are completed within 30 days, the ET will-
    Determine if the applicant is eligible.
    • If eligibility is established, approve aid from the date of application. The ET will need to determine what the applicable Standard of Need is, and what payable grant will be issued for the applicant household.
      • Eligible CHASS applicant households will receive up to $336 or $548 CHASS payable grant {refer to GA Handbook 90-02.00}
      • Homeless households not in CHASS facilities will also be eligible for up to the maximum GA grant.
      • Households whose housing costs exceed applicable grant levels are entitled to the housing portion of the grant. Do not vendor any amount greater than the standard of need.
      • The housing allowance is included in the payable grant when the household has a verified housing cost.
      • Send all required notices to the applicant household.
      • When the case is authorized, refer to PID for a determination of the household members fleeing felon or probation violation status {refer to Social Services Bulletin 08-05}.
        The referral must be completed before the case may be transferred to District.
    • If eligibility is not established, deny the case and send all required notices to the applicant household.
  4. Applicant households are required to cooperate with any necessary SIU investigation:
    • If there is questionable information that can't be addressed with any available documentation, the ET should refer the issue to SIU for investigation.
    • If the application can't be processed within 30 days, the applicant household must waive the 30-day processing. If the applicant refuses, the application will be denied for non-cooperation with SIU. Do not impose a sanction for a denial due to non-cooperation in this situation. See #6 below.
    • When SIU completes their investigation, they will make recommendation of the action to be taken on the application. SIU does not make eligibility determinations. The ET will be responsible for evaluating the recommendation from SIU and making a determination of eligibility.
  5. If documentation is not provided by due date:
    • If the applicant household has not provided the requested information, and has had no further contact with the Agency, the application will be denied for failure to complete the application process.
    • If the applicant household has made contact to request either assistance with obtaining the necessary documentation, or additional time to provide the information, evaluate the need to extend the application period. See #6 below.
  6. If the application cannot be processed by the 30th day after the application date, but the applicant is complying or attempting to comply
    • An application may be extended beyond the 30 day limit in the following circumstances, but these circumstances do not result in Presumptive Eligibility:
      • The applicant household contacts the ET indicating they need assistance, or additional time, to provide the necessary documentation.
      • The processing delay is due to circumstances beyond the County's control.
  7. If the applicant household has complied with all program requirements, and a delay occurs which is due to events within the County's control preventing processing within the 30 days:
  8. Enter case comments documenting that the application was processed-
    • This includes the effective date of eligibility and all other pertinent points of eligibility.

B. Re-determination of Eligibility (RRR)

Note: Refer to Procedure 90-01.70 for required documentation.
  1. All recipient households must complete a Redetermination application (RRR) every twelve (12) months, or as otherwise required by the Agency. All intake requirements also apply to the Redetermination application, including determination of the applicable Standards of Need, and the payable grant amount.
  2. If the Redetermination packet is not provided by the 15th of the month in which the Redetermination is due:
    • The ET will discontinue the case, ensuring that timely notice has been sent. The case should be discontinued for failure to comply with program requirements. No sanction applies to this discontinuance.
  3. All Redetermination applications must be documented as "Started" when the household has provided the application:
    • To prevent a case from discontinuing inappropriately, document the RRR as "started" in CalWIN.
      • Start the RRR process in the CalWIN RRR function, on the View RRR Detail Listing screen. Highlight the appropriate case/program and click on the Start RRR Queue button.
    • Note that RRRs will show overdue in CalWIN, if they remain in "Started" status.
  4. If necessary requested information is not provided by the due date:
    • Discontinue the case with timely notice. Discontinue for failure to comply with program requirements. No sanction applies to this discontinuance.
  5. Recipients exempt from the Quarterly/Semi-Annual Status Report requirements:
    • SAR/QR 7 Exempt recipient households are still required to provide an annual Redetermination application. If it is not received, the case should be discontinued.
    • However, SAR/QR7 Exempt recipient households are allowed an extension to provide their Redetermination.
      • If the application is provided by the 15th of the following month, and the household re-establishes eligibility, the case will be rescinded as of the first of the month without a break in aid. The household must be notified of an approval or denial.
    • Note: This does not apply to recipient households who are not SAR/QR 7 Exempt.
  6. Enter case comments documenting that the Redetermination application was processed, including all effective dates and pertinent information.


9-1-2, 9-1-4, 9-1-5, 9-1-7, 9-1-8, 9-3-0


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