Alameda County Child Abuse
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Child Abuse and Neglect Statistics

The Magnitude of the Problem
    Over 3 million cases of child abuse and neglect were reported in the United States last year. 2000 children died in this country because of abuse. 25,000 cases of physical abuse, sexual abuse and neglect were reported in Alameda County last year. Child abuses can bed parents, caretakers, friends, and neighbors. It takes everyone's help to stop the cycle of abuse. The actual incident of child abuse and neglect is estimated to be 3 times greater than the number reported to the authorities. Every 10 seconds a child is abused. The incidence rate of children victimized by maltreatment is 11.8 per 1,000 children.
Types of Child Abuse and Neglect in the year 2000

In the year 2000, there were 17,273 allegations of child abuse or neglect in Alameda County that were reported to the Child Abuse Hotline.

6,216 (36%) Were for physical abuse

4,932 (29%) Were for neglect

2,980 (17%) Were for sexual abuse

2,482 (14%) Were for caretaker absence/incapacity

663 (4%) Were for other reasons (e.g. exploitation, emotional abuse)

Victims by age, year 2000:

43% of children were between 6-12 years old

29% of children were 13 years or older

28% of children were 0-5 years old

Victims by race, year 2000:

40% of victims were White/Caucasian

28% of victims were African American

20% of victims were Latino

7% of victims were Asian

5% of victims were of other or unknown ethnicity

Victims by residence, year 2000:

38% lived in Oakland

24 % lived in Central Counties

13% lived in Tri-Cities

7% lived in Tri-Valley

8% lived in other North County

4% lived out of the county

6% Unknown

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Types of Child Abuse and Neglect in 1999

In 1999, there were 18,977 children in Alameda County who were reported to the Child Abuse Hotline.

6,533 (34%) Were for physical abuse

5,812 (31%) Were for general neglect

3,339 (18%) Were for sexual abuse

2,557 (13%) Were for caretaker absence/incapacity

736 (04%) Were for other (e.g. exploitation, emotional ebuse)

Victims by age in 1999:

33% of children were between 0-5 years of age

36% of children were 6-11 years of age

31% of children were 12 +

Victims by ethnicity in 1999:

45% of referrals for African American children

27% of referrals for Caucasian/White children

17% of referrals for Latino children

7% of referrals for Asian children

4% of referrals for children with Other or unknown ethnicity

Victims by Residence:

40% lived in the city of Oakland

26% lived in the South County (i.e., Hayward/ Fremont/ Union City).

25% lived in other cities in North and Central County.

8% lived in East County (i.e., Livermore/ Pleasanton).

1% were children living outside Alameda County or had incomplete addresses.

Children in homes of substance abusing caretakers are almost 3 times likelier to be abused and more than 4 times likelier to be neglected than children of parents who are not substance abusers.

The Victims Future
    Maltreatment in childhood increases the likelihood of arrest as a juvenile by 53%, and as an adult by 38% , and for females by 77%.

    Children who are sexually abused are 18 times more likely to be arrested for prostitution as an adult.

    85% of convicted felons were abused as children.

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