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Alameda County Social Services
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2000 San Pablo Ave
Oakland CA 94612

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Becoming an SSA Community Ambassador: Requirements and Process

Unless otherwise specified, Community Ambassadors must be:

  • 16 years and older (enrolled in 10th grade or higher), depending on the age minimum for the specific opportunity,
  • Not a current SSA client receiving cash benefits,
  • Not a current employee of the Alameda County Social Services Agency or the County of Alameda.

For the safety and well-being of the public, Agency staff, and Community Ambassadors, and to ensure that all Community Ambassadors are prepared to perform their job responsibilities, the selection, orientation, and training process is as follows:

  1. Contact the Community Ambassadors Program (CAP) Coordinator Andrea Wong by phone at (510) 271-9163, or email to with your name, phone number, and best time to reach you between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm. You will be contacted within 2 business days to discuss your interests and possible opportunities. You will also be provided additional information on required forms, orientation, training, and background screening.
  2. Attend the mandatory orientation (2.5 hours). The CAP coordinator will advise you of upcoming sessions and locations. Sessions may be held at different SSA locations and at community sites throughout the month during the week and on Saturday mornings.


  • Overview of SSA structure, leadership, mission, values, and goals
  • Overview of the Community Ambassadors Program
  • Standards of conduct and expectations for community ambassadors
  • Prevention of sexual harassment
  • Understanding and preventing violence in the workplace
  • Personal identifiable information

Check the calendar for upcoming Orientation dates. RSVP to 510-271-9163 or as soon as possible! We have a limited number of volunteer openings available.


  1. Complete and submit the application and required forms. These items will be distributed at the orientation, or we can mail them to you in advance. The application is designed to capture your skills, interests, goals, and availability for participating as a Community Ambassador to help determine a possible placement and schedule. It is also an opportunity for us to gather important contact and emergency information. Candidates under 18 will need to provide parental consent.

    If your application is found to have any misrepresentation or omission of fact, it may cause your disqualification and/or immediate termination from the program. If other concerns emerge from the review of your application, these concerns will be addressed during your interview.

    Forms to be submitted by the candidate:
  • Application
  • Parental consent (if prospective Ambassador is under 18)
  • Participation agreement
  • Review/acknowledgement of job description and risk assessment for the position(s) that you are interested in (parental consent needed if prospective ambassador is under 18). These forms will be emailed or mailed to you; they are not online due to the changing availability of positions.

Return forms via mail to:

Attn: SSA Community Ambassadors Program Coordinator / worker A007
Alameda County Social Services Agency
2000 San Pablo Ave, 4th floor
Oakland CA 94612

  1. Interview Process. If required by the specific department(s), you may be requested to complete a phone or in-person interview. The CAP coordinator will facilitate interview scheduling. Due to the popularity of some opportunities, not all interested applicants may be placed in the desired position.
  2. Background Check. Each candidate must consent to and undergo a criminal background check (Live Scan fingerprinting). A criminal record will not necessarily disqualify a candidate from placement; however, additional information may be requested to determine suitability of placement. Each case will be given individual consideration, based on job-relatedness. You will be informed of the process and location after you have successfully completed the above elements. SSA provides this service at a designated location in Oakland. Results must be received and reviewed prior to start of placement.
  3. References. As of part of your application, you are asked to provide three (3) non-relative references. Please alert them so they may expect contact by phone from the Community Ambassadors Program.
  4. ID Badge. As a final step and prior to the start of your placement, you will need to be photographed and assigned an ID badge. The program coordinator will work with you to identify an appointment date and time. Badges are processed at only one office location (2000 San Pablo Ave in Oakland).

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