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Human Relations Commission

The Human Relations Commission's mission is to preserve human rights and foster mutual respect for all people who live or work in Alameda County.

About Us

The Human Relations Commission is a body appointed by the Alameda County Board of Supervisors to advise them on community issues including but not limited to education, employment, and public safety.  The commission has the power to conduct studies on current intergroup conditions, provide recommendations for volatile situations, and propose long-term solutions to promote acceptance of diversity.

The commission consists of up to sixteen commissioners, three members appointed by each County Supervisor and one member appointed by the Mayors' Conference. Commissioners serve a three year appointment.

Learn more about Alameda County Commissions and Human Relations Commission membership.

The Human Relations Commission is located with the Alameda County Social Services Agency.


Unless the provision or context otherwise requires, the definitions shall govern the construction of these by-laws. Click here to see the bylaws.


Members of the public may address the commission. Learn more about Commission meetings.


Kim Fogel

Administrative Specialist II

Office of Public Affairs

Alameda County Social Services Agency


What's New

Please note that meetings and events of the Alameda County Human Relations Commission are suspended at this time due to the COVID-19 emergency.

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