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Providing & Supporting Permanence for Youth


Adoptions and Guardianships

For youth that are not able to return home to their parents' care, every effort must be made to identify adults to provide permanence for them so they do not grow up in foster care. The choices for legally permanent homes for foster children are adoption or guardianship. With both types of legal permanence, financial assistance for the care of the child is available.

A permanent family and a stable home are vital to a child's development. In a permanent home, a child receives love, protection, stability and something we all need in our lives: a sense of belonging. When a child cannot return to live with a parent, it is important that a decision be made about where the child should live permanently.


The Alameda County Social Services Agency is licensed as a Public Adoption Agency by the California Department of Social Services. The Adoptions Program provides services related to the adoption of court dependent children in the child welfare system, a process referred to as agency adoption. In addition, the Adoption Program provides independent and step-parent adoption services for non-dependent children.

Adoption services also include recruiting and assessing prospective adoptive parents, completing and approving adoption home studies, placing children in prospective adoptive homes, and assisting the family in the finalization of the adoption. The department works cooperatively with other public and private adoption agencies.

Alameda County's Adoption Program General Phone number: (510) 268-2422

Legal Guardianship

Relatives and non-relatives may become Legal Guardians of a foster child. Becoming a Legal Guardian involves a legal commitment and court order that takes the youth out of the status of being a foster child. In most cases, the youth's Juvenile Court dependency is dismissed when the Legal Guardianship is ordered by the court.

The Department's Legal Guardianship unit works with guardians residing in Alameda County who are non-relatives receiving a foster care subsidy. Child Welfare Workers stay in contact with the guardian and the youth meeting with them a minimum of two times a year (every 6 months), providing case management services with an emphasis on referrals and intervention.

Family Finding & Engagement

The Family Finding & Engagement (FFE) program exists within the Placement Services Division. The units' social workers provide intensive, permanency related services to youth presently placed in "stranger care" (non-relative/NREFM placements).

The program's goals are to connect or reconnect youth with their family and extended family. It also serves to establish relationships that will provide support to assist the youth in placement, help them navigate the transition to adulthood and remain a life-long, committed presence. The program also seeks to transition congregate care youth living in group homes to family homes whenever possible.

Kinship Support Services

Kinship Support Services (KSSP) programs provide community-based family support services to relative caregivers and the children in their homes. These children have been placed in their care by the juvenile court or they are at risk of dependency or delinquency. The KSSP will also provide post permanency services to relative caregivers who have become the legal guardian or adoptive parent of formerly dependent children.

In Alameda County, Family Support Services of the Bay Area serves Northern Alameda County from their site at 401 Grand Ave., #500, Oakland, CA 94610, Ph.: (510) 834-2443. Lincoln Child Center administers a KSSP site in Southern Alameda County at 1149 A. Street, Hayward, CA 94541, Ph.: (510) 583-8026.

Permanent Youth Connections

The Permanent Youth Connections (PYC) program serves youth with a temporary plan of Long-Term Foster Care. Because PYC recognizes that foster care placement is meant to be temporary, PYC is committed to a goal of identifying, developing, and supporting relationships for children who remain in out-of-home care, with an adult committed to a permanent, lifelong connection.

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