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Keeping Families Together

Family Maintenance (Informal/Formal)

The Family Maintenance (FM) program can help prevent or shorten foster care placement by supporting families to ameliorate risk factors, empowering families to protect and nurture their children, and connecting families with community resources. Both FM programs serve families whose children remain in the home.

Formal FM is a mandated program that works with families whose children have been made dependents of the court due to abuse or neglect.

The Informal FM program is a non-court intervention for families who are willing to participate in voluntary services and a program of informal case management.

Family Reunification

The purpose of the Family Reunification (FR) program is to help reunify families whose children have been placed out of home. The program's goal is to reunite children with their family in a safe, stable, and supportive home.

FR begins delivering services after the Dependency Investigations program, once the court has determined that:

  • the petition alleging abuse, neglect, or exploitation is true and the child cannot safely be maintained in the home, and
  • the court has made an out-of-home order.

Services to help reunify the family are provided for various periods of time, as established by state and federal law.

Family Preservation (FP)

The FP Program accepts referrals from FR, Permanent Youth Connections (PYC), and FM.

The program's purpose is to work with families who are motivated and moving toward reunification with their children, or who (in the case of referrals from FM) are maintaining their children at home and can benefit from additional support to increase their chances of success.

FP services are voluntary, and families must go through a three-week assessment prior to being accepted for services. FP Services are provided for a period of 3 to 6 months after the assessment phase, dependent on the number of children being referred and any unique circumstances.

Services to Enhance Early Development (SEED)

The SEED program is a unique collaboration that brings together professionals from the Department of Children & Family Services, Children's Hospital Research Center Oakland's Center for the Vulnerable Child, and Alameda County Public Health Department Nurses to support infants, toddlers, their families and caregivers involved in the child welfare system.

The children served by the program must have full scope Alameda County Medi-Cal, initially be between the ages of 0 and 3 years, 11 months, and the Social Services Agency's recommendation is for out-of-home placement.

A brochure about the program is available here.

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