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Assistance Payments
Gale Mitchell

Pete Coletto

Beverly Warren

Facilities Management
Mary Miller

General Accounting
Honeylet Bautista

Procurement and Office Support Services
James Potter

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What We Do

The Finance Department supports the Agency by providing timely and accurate information and analysis, and managing the claiming, contracting, purchasing, payment, facilities and materials management functions.


Pete Coletto is the Finance Director.


The Finance Department includes:

  • Assistance Payments —The Assistance Payments Unit is responsible for processing recipient benefit payments thru warrants, electronic fund transfer (EFT) and electronic benefit transfer (EBT), as well as processing claims for other miscellaneous needs of the clients.

  • Budget —The Budget Unit's primary role is to support the Agency's decision making process by providing a wide range of fiscal analysis. In addition to working on the budget development and monitoring process, the Budget Unit helps in assessing the fiscal impact of proposed program, policy and procedure modifications or changes.

  • Claims —The Claims Unit is responsible for preparing reimbursement claims for administrative costs, assistance benefits and other Agency costs claimable from federal, state and other funding sources.

  • Contracts Office The Contracts Office is responsible for the administration and management of all Agency-wide contracting and service procurement activities for services provided to Agency participant populations, including: Request for Proposal - RFP, Request for Quote - RFQ and sole source. The Contracts Office utilizes County standard policies and operating procedures for the procurement, development and management of Agency contracted services. The team serves as fiscal liaison, manages contracts, conducts fiscal monitoring, processes contract payments and maintains contract data tracking systems.

  • General Accounting —The General Account Unit is responsible for recording and maintaining accurate financial transactions of the Agency.

  • Procurement and Office Support Services —The Procurement and Office Support Services unit provides support to the Agency in the form of product procurement, mailroom services, messengers services, vehicle control, internal staff moves as well as ergonomic equipment assembly, installation and maintenance.

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