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Medical Care for Elders & Disabled Adults

The Department of Adult and Aging Services process specialized medi-cal programs for individuals who are aged, blind or disabled. These specialized programs provide the benefit of paying only part of the medicare premiums, co-payments and deductables for certain low income individuals who qualify. Applications may be made at the County Social Services Agency. It may be possible to apply by telephone depending on individual situations.

Regular full scope Medi-Cal applications are still handled by the Workforce and Benefits Administration.

Individuals may have regular full scope Medi-Cal coverage and those who are on SSI have full scope Medi-Cal linked to the SSI program, however that coverage does not include all of the coverage provided by the QMB; SLMB; QI-1 QI-2 Medi-Cal programs described below.

To be eligible for any of these programs certain eligibility factors have to be met.

  1. A person must be eligible for Medi-care Part A.
  2. Have property at or below twice the regular Medi-Cal property limits.
  3. Meet income level requirements.
  4. Be otherwise eligible for Medi-Cal (i.e. residency, linkage, etc.).

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