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Employment and Supportive Services

To motivate, support and prepare families and individuals receiving public assistance to sufficiency through employment. Employment Services includes the following programs:


CalWORKs recipients, unless exempt, are required by law to participate in Welfare-to-Work activities as a condition of eligibility for benefits.

Minimum hourly participation requirements:
All participants will be required to be engaged in employment and/or training activities for 20 hours per week for single parent families with a child under the age of 6 (six) years, 30 hours per week for single parent families with no child under the age of 6 (six) years, and 35 hours per week for two parent families..

Supportive services:
In addition to child care, transportation, and ancillary services, welfare-to-work supportive services include mental health, substance abuse, and domestic abuse services.
Welfare-to-Work Program Flow

CalFresh Employment & Training Program

This program is available to Employable General Assistance/CalFresh applicants and recipients that choose to participate. Participants are expected to follow all rules and regulations of the program. While participation is voluntary, those participants that don't cooperate will have their participation stopped; they will be unable to participate again until a new approval for General Assistance occurs.

Minimum hourly participation requirements:
All participants are expected to be engaged in activities for up to 32 hours per week.

Supportive services:
Participants are provided with transportation to and from their assigned activities.

Refugee Cash Assistance Employment Services

Refugee Cash Assistance participants are required to take an active part in Employment Services as conditions of eligibility. The program will provide services through our Community Based partners that may include:

The key program components consists of employment services (ES) provided concurrently with Vocational English as-a-second language (VESL) classes to assist participants to become employed. The programs offered by our service providers incorporates a VESL factor that focuses on customer service, job interviewing, completing employment applications, resumes, and business English workplace communication that is specific for entry level positions in the sectors mentioned above.

Employment Resources

If you are looking for information on services for employment, we have resource information available here.

Career Centers

You can find the addresses for One Stop Career Centers here.

Career Centers have computers, fax machines, printers and other services available for your job search.

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