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  • Adult Protective Services
    24 Hour Elder Abuse Hotline
  • Ombudsman—Advocates for residents in long-term care facilities:
    Working Hours Line
    After Hours Crisis Line
Contact Information
  • AAMS Contact Page
  • IHSS Payroll Information: 577-1877
  • To apply for IHSS: 577-1900
  • AAA Information & Assistance
  • Public Administrator
    (510) 577-1972
  • Public Guardian-Conservator (Probate)
    (510) 577-3585
  • Public Guardian- Conservator (LPS)
    (510) 577-1900
  • Area Agency on Aging (AAA)


Adult, Aging & Medi-Cal Services
Eastmont Self Sufficiency Center
6955 Foothill Boulevard Suite 300
Oakland CA 94605

Area Agency on Aging

Read AAA News & Notes for elder services tips, news and opportunities.

See Senior Update Newsletters and other resources below.

The Area Agency on Aging (AAA) is the local arm of the national aging network. Federal, state, local governments, private agencies (not for profit as well as for profit), work together to advance the social and economic health and well being of elders (60 and over) in Alameda County.

Every four years, the AAA prepares an Area Plan that directs the provision of services for seniors.  The services are provided by community-based organizations.

An Advisory Commission on Aging (ACA), made up of representatives concerned about the needs and interests of elders in Alameda County, and appointed by the Board of Supervisors, the Conference of Mayors, and the ACA, work in concert with the staff of the AAA to develop, plan, and administer programs designed to assist elders and their caregivers in the county.

The Area Agency on Aging hosts a bi-monthly Information and Assistance Roundtable meeting. Topics include presentations on healthcare legislation, elder issues, etc., and offer a chance for attendees to get acquainted and exchange information.  The AAA provides free Information & Assistance by telephone (800-510-2020 or 510-577-3530).


The AAA provides subcontracted services to persons aged 60 and older through grants from the Federal Administration on Aging, State of California, and the County of Alameda. These services include:

  • Adult Day Care
  • Alzheimer's Services (Day Care and Respite)
  • Case Management (Social Worker)
  • Community Services
  • Disease Prevention
  • Elder Abuse Prevention
  • Family Caregiver Support Program
  • Food Services (congregate meals, as well as home delivered)
  • Friendly Visitor/Telephone Reassurance
  • Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Services (HICAP)
  • Health Services
  • Information & Assistance
  • Legal Services
  • Ombudsman Services (for those in long term care facilities)
  • Respite Services (short-term)
  • Senior Center Services

Area Plan

2012-2016 Area Plan pdf document   


Newsletter: Senior Update

Senior Resource Guides - English

Senior Resource Guides - Chinese

Senior Resource Guides - Farsi

Senior Resource Guides - Korean

Senior Resource Guides - Spanish

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I & A Fact Sheet Updates

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Senior Housing Guide - English

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Senior Housing Guide - Chinese

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Senior Housing Guide - Farsi

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Senior Housing Guide - Spanish

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Senior Center Directory

Senior Center Directory pdf document

Food & Nutrition Resources

Food and Nutrition pdf document

Mental Health Agencies

Mental Health Agencies pdf document


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