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GA/FSET Handbook 90-02.44: Assessment Activity in the CalFresh E&T Program

Effective Date: July 1, 2011

Published Date: July 15, 2011

Revision Date: September 6, 2011

Published By: D128



The purpose of this handbook is to inform staff in the Employment Services Department (ESD) of the process for conducting the Assessment activity for CalFresh Employment and Training Program (CalFresh E&T) participants.


I. General:

Effective July 1, 2011 participation in the CalFresh E&T Program will no longer be required. All employable General Assistance (GA) applicants and recipients will be given the option to participate in the CalFresh E&T Program. ESD will be implementing a redesigned model for the Assessment activity. This redesign is being implemented in an effort to better serve employable GA clients.

In the redesigned program, Employment Counselors (EC’s) will conduct an Assessment and create a CalFresh E&T Employment Plan for all participants after they have completed the CalFresh E&T Orientation and the Assessment Testing/Interview activity.

II. Procedure

The Assessment activity takes place after completion of the CalFresh E&T Orientation and the Assessment Testing/Interview activity, and is conducted by the Assessment staff.

The purpose of the Assessment activity is to review detailed information regarding a participant’s knowledge, skills, attitudes and interests, which is then used to create a CalFresh E&T Employment Plan. It also involves taking an inventory of an individual’s likes, dislikes, mental health needs, employment barriers, work readiness, needed resources, and basic remedial needs. This is an important part of employment planning because an individual must first discover who they are and what they like before they can decide what they want to do.

The CalFresh E&T Employment Plan will be given to the participant and they may have to follow all or some elements of the plan after they have exhausted their eligibility for GA cash aid.

III. Assessment Tools and Resources:

The Assessment will be conducted using the following tools:

  • 90-28 GA/FSET Questionnaire which identifies barriers to employment and education, as well as the participants’ work history.
  • CASAS test (Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System) which assesses the participant’s ability in the areas of reading and mathematics. This tool is used to determine a participant’s aptitude and is completed during the CalFresh E&T Orientation.
  • Holland Self Directed Search, which assesses the participant’s job preferences. This tool is used to discuss realistic job goals with the participant and is completed during the Assessment Testing/Interview activity which is scheduled by the Orientation EC.
  • Job Search Attitude Inventory (JSAI), which identifies the participant’s attitudes about looking for a job. This tool is used to show the participant how a good or bad attitude can affect their chances of finding a job and is completed during the Assessment Testing/Interview activity which is scheduled by the Orientation EC.
  • Master Application, which is completed by the participant during the Job Club/Job Search activity or during the Assessment Testing/Interview activity. This tool allows participants to complete multiple job applications quickly and accurately, as necessary information is readily available.

Note: There are other resources available on the Internet for the EC to use during the Assessment. These tools are standard references that describe jobs and training available in Alameda County. Samplings of other available resources are listed below:

  • The Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT)
  • The Occupational Outlook for Alameda County
  • The Training Directory for Alameda County
  • Projections for Employment for Alameda County published by the Employment Development Department (EDD)
  • The Handbook of Occupations from the U.S. Department of Labor
  • The California Occupational Guide

IV. Process for Assessment Staff in CalFresh E&T Assessment Activity:

The Assessment staff will:

  1. Conduct at the completion of the Assessment testing activity, a complete and thorough review for all participants of the:
  • 90-28 GA/FSET Questionnaire;
  • CASAS test results;
  • Master Application;
  • Holland Self Directed Search;
  • JSAI Job Search Attitude Inventory;
  1. Schedule appointments with these participants in order to meet with them for the Assessment interview and to complete a CalFresh E&T Employment Plan, or to come in to office for plan signing. Give 90-253 CalFresh E&T Assessment Activity Appointment Letter to client.

(Note: The 90-28 GA/FSET Questionnaire will be available for review in WebFiles. The results of the CASAS test will be available for review in CalWIN. To view CASAS test results, go to the Maintain Employment Services Information screen in CalWIN and select the Competencies tab.)



  1. Review employability status and any barriers to employment.
  2. Conduct an interview with participant in order to create a CalFresh E&T Employment Plan.
  3. Collaborate with the participant while developing the CalFresh E&T Employment Plan, to establish realistic goals that will lead to employment.
  4. Type the CalFresh E&T Employment Plan on the template that will be provided.
  5. Review completed CalFresh E&T Employment Plan with the participant, and obtain their signature on the plan. Schedule participant for another appointment to sign the plan if necessary and give them 90-253 CalFresh E&T Assessment Activity Appointment Letter.
  6. Inform participant they may need to work some or all elements of their plan after they are no longer receiving GA cash aid.
  7. Attempt to contact those clients who “No Show” to this activity to ask why they missed activity and if they still wish to participate. Allow one re-schedule if client wishes to continue participating.
  8. Complete the required entries for the Assessment activity in the CalWIN ES subsystem (refer to CalWIN How To #289).
  9. Check client Time on Aid clock and schedule participant into their next activity if necessary.
  10. Obtain client consent on form #90-254 CalFresh E&T Consent to Release Employment Information and forward along with all other relevant documents (CalFresh E&T Employment Plan, etc.) to Job Club EC if client will be attending Job Club/Job Search Activity with OPIC or Hayward One Stop.
  11. Complete CalWIN Case Comments.
  12. Place documents in appropriate box for imaging and close case if client is not being scheduled to another activity. (See GA/FSET Newsletter 11-03 for instructions on closing CalFresh E&T case and CalWIN How To 215).
  13. Send letter 90-257 CalFresh E&T Informing Notice to client when closing case (See CalWIN How To 235 for instructions on generating letter).
  14. Send closed case to closed files bank in the office you work in. For Hayward P9GA, for Eastmont V9GA, and for North Oakland N9GA.

Note: If at any time during the Assessment activity the participant claims to be disabled be given a 90-2 to take to their doctor for completion. If participant does not have a doctor the EC will refer participant to a Social Worker per GA Newsletter 10-14.


Lori A. Cox, Director

Social Services Agency




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