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Frequently Asked Questions

May I choose the program and location where I want to serve as a Community Ambassador?

Yes, as long as there is an opening and you meet the position’s requirements. Due to the popularity of some opportunities, not all interested applicants can be accommodated.

May I set my own hours?

Community Ambassador assignments will typically take place during business hours Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. On occasion, there may be opportunities for Community Ambassadors to assist at weekend events. Some programs may have the flexibility to tailor to your schedule while others may require a more structured schedule.

Am I required to volunteer a certain number of hours?

Due to the amount of training required, most positions will have a minimum time commitment. Please see the specific job descriptions for requirements.

I need to complete a minimum number of volunteer hours as required by my school. Can I count the orientation and training sessions toward the total?

No, orientation and training are mandatory and must be completed prior to the start of all Community Ambassador placements. Only actual time spent volunteering will count toward your total hours.

May I bring along a friend or family member to my Community Ambassador activities?

Only authorized personnel are allowed in non-public or staff areas. Friends or family may not accompany you on your Community Ambassador assignment, unless they have also been officially accepted as Community Ambassadors for the placement. However, some of our opportunities will allow for Community Ambassadors to work in pairs or teams, so you and your friend/family member may want to consider signing up together.

Will I receive any reimbursement for my travel or personal expenses associated with my participation as a Community Ambassador?

Community Ambassadors are responsible for their own transportation and parking costs to and from their work site. Each facility has different arrangements for parking. You will be informed in advance of parking availability or conditions at the location, prior to the start of your placement. Community Ambassadors will need to be responsible for their own meals if their scheduled assignment for the day includes a lunch hour.

May I participate in more than one service opportunity?

Yes - we encourage it! For example, you may wish to serve as a Community Ambassador on a continuing basis in one program and participate on an on-call basis in special events throughout the year.

May I use my Community Ambassador experience on my resume or job applications?

Prospective employers and educational institutions may be interested in your Community Ambassador experience. However, before listing your Community Ambassador experience on applications or providing an SSA staff member’s contact information as a reference, please consult the SSA Community Ambassador Program Coordinator at (510) 271-9163. You may also wish to speak with your potential employer for confirmation.

Is my time spent volunteering tax deductible?

No, the value of volunteer time to a charitable organization is not tax deductible. However, out-of-pocket expenses directly related to voluntary service are usually deductible. You should consult a certified public accountant for tax deduction details. See also the IRS website:

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